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Hot Tub Rentals


40 Aero Rd, Suite 9
Bohemia, NY 11716

"Our 4th of July
BBQ was the best
one ever thanks to
your fabulous
hot tub. It was
definitely a huge
hit with our
friends. Thanks
again for all of
your help in making
our party so special. We'll be calling
again soon."

— Debra Sloann

"We decided to
treat ourselves for
our anniversary and
rent a hot tub for
the week. It was
better than a
vacation! Now
we're hooked. Glad
to know we can
easily rent one
again any time
we want."

— Mark Vavarian

Hot Tub Specs

Our rental hot tubs are made by one of the top manufacturers in the world, Dimension One Spas. They are NOT blow-up tubs or Softtubs....they are real hot tubs.

You will enjoy ergonomically molded seating, a biocomfort lounge seat and medically approved therapeutic jets. They are extremely energy-efficient, have full digital controls and colored LED lighting. You will truly be in the lap of luxury!

84" x 78" x 32" high
5 molded seats & 1 lounge
29 therapeutic jets including foot jets
Comfortably fits 4 adults....or more if you're partying!
Plugs into a standard 120v outlet
Can be placed on any level, stable surface (patio, deck, grass, etc.)

Dimension One Cove

Take a look at how the lounge seat molds to the shape of your body, with a nice array of back and shoulder jets and even a relaxing foot jet. You also have 5 individual seats, so you can move around the tub and experience different types of massages.....or none at all, and just relax in the swirling hot water. You will also have a pressure adjustment knob, so you can decide how powerful you want to be massaged. You can also further tailor the massage by adjusting each individual jet. What more can you ask for? Many people who rented from us ended up buying a hot tub because they just couldn't give it up!